Barrel Sauna Spruce 130

28 sq ft
$3,435.00 USD
$4,404.00 CAD
Size (sq ft)28

Model Documentation

Introducing EZ Log barrel saunas, crafted with natural spruce and thermal wood (pine). These saunas have a solid build with a 42mm plank thickness body and 28mm front and rear walls. With a diameter of 200cm, there’s ample space for your comfort.

Inside, you’ll find cozy heating room benches made of thermal wood, known for their excellent heat retention. The front porch and dressing room benches are crafted from natural spruce, providing a welcoming atmosphere.

Safety is paramount, which is why our saunas feature a 1-piece safety glass door frame made of alder, along with galvanized steel adjustment straps for stability. The roof is covered with black-colored bitumen shingles (also available in red, brown, or green) for durability.

For added safety and aesthetic appeal, the stove guard is made of thermal wood. The natural spruce cradles are designed for easy setup and leveling.

Experience the ultimate relaxation in our exceptional barrel saunas, designed with quality materials for years of enjoyment.