Barrel Sauna Thermal 160

34 sq ft
$5,391.00 USD
$6,912.00 CAD

Model Documentation

Barrel Sauna Thermal 160

Manufactured sauna kits use 42mm (1-7/8″) logs for the barrel walls & 28mm (1-1/8″ logs for the end walls.  Produced of Baltic Thermal wood PINE which has been charred to provide an extended life span of the wood. This model comes in a flat pack for easy transport and includes the following features:

Heating room benches: Thermal wood Pine

Change room benches: Spruce

Door: Full glass tempered with hardware, door frame Alder, adjustable straps

Roofing: Black asphalt shingles

Stove Guard: Thermal wood Pine

Heater Area: Insulated protector for the floor & wall

Cradles: Spruce

Assembly: Can be assembled by 2 people in 1 day

Heater: Vevor wall mount 6KW stove 220V-240V with internal controller. (sauna stones not included). Stainless steel, corrosion-proof, stainless steel heating coil, 86 degrees – 230 degrees F (30-110 C)