1300 sq ft
Premium Model
$112,744.00 USD
$132,640.00 CAD
Cabin size600" x 312"
Roof pitch5/12
Roof boards3/4"
Size (sq ft)1300
Wall height97"
Ridge height165"

Model Documentation



Dallas is an all wood manufactured home using 70mm (2-3/4″) thick solid walls.  It has a 5/12 roof pitch and includes decorative dormers with non-opening windows to enhance the appearance. This home has a footprint of 40′ x 26′ (1300 sq’) 4 bedrooms,  2 bathrooms  and vaulted (cathedral) ceilings throughout. The front covered deck includes deck railings that are pre-built and do not require assembly.

Wall insulating kit: includes metal brackets & 3/4″ tongue & groove wall cover boards made of matching wood.  Install studs using the brackets and then apply the interior wall cover boards over the studs. Add 10% to the selling price.

Tip: Mineral wool  insulation is recommended for log construction. It’s impervious to moisture with a higher R-value per inch than fiberglass, reduces noise levels & is environmentally friendly

Exceptional energy efficiency

Insulating the roof: This is done using locally supplied materials over the supplied tongue   & groove roof boards. Build up to the required depth to house insulation and install metal roofing or shingles. High density spray foam provides maximum benefits,  highest R-value for thickness & is water proof

Assembly: can be assembled in 14 days or less with 3 people

OPTIONS: Add a SUNROOM 1 from our model selection to the back of the home and increase the living area with a unique living space

Building Codes: This model passes structural requirements for building codes in USA and Canada and Title 24 approval for California. Modifications required for earthquake, heavy snow load regions and hurricane zones are provided with no additional charge

Structural Engineering: Kit includes in-house structural engineering, some regions may require a local engineer to stamp drawings

Kit includes:

  • FREE SHIPPING  in USA (Except HI & AK)
  • no floor ready to assemble on a concrete slab, wood floor over piers, crawl space or basement
  • pre-cut, numbered exterior wall
  • pre-cut, numbered interior walls
  • pre-cut, numbered gable components
  • vaulted, cathedral ceilings
  • pre-cut, numbered roof purlins, beams
  • pre-cut, numbered (18mm) 3/4″ tongue & groove roof boards
  • pre-cut, numbered fascia boards
  • prebuilt sectional deck railings, vertical balustrades, handrail, adjustable posts
  • PREMIUM multi locking double glazed wood windows, trims
  • entry doors, locks, deadbolts, keys, trims
  • interior doors, hardware, trims
  • threaded steel storm rods for perimeter wall junctions
  • 2 spare wall logs, spare roof boards
  • 400 – 8″ log screws to connect first 2 rows/ gable components/purlins