Ontario Bunkie

104 sq ft
Classic Model
$6,514.00 USD
$8,352.00 CAD
Cabin size106"×142"
Roof boards3/4"
Size (sq ft)104
Wall thickness1-5/8”

Model Documentation

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Decorative sheds are also available through stocking dealers/retailers

Ontario Bunkie– decorative tool, storage, potting shed, man cave, she shed, bunkie, office, cabin


(Basic & Classic series are decorative sheds produced for seasonal use but can be upgraded to provide extended use)

FLOORS: rigid insulation can be installed between the treated floor beams before installing the tongue & groove flooring

CEILINGS: rigid insulation can be installed over the tongue & groove roof boards, then strapping is applied before installing metal roofing

WALLS: Insulating decorative sheds can only be done from the exterior due to the thickness of the wall

Wall Insulating kits: Add 20% for the wall insulating kit including 2×4 studs, metal stud brackets plus 3/4″ wall cover boards for exterior application. When insulating on the exterior the foundation must be larger

Insulating exterior - by combining these elements - mineral wall insulation, tongue and groove boards, metal brackets, and wooden components - the structure achieves both efficient insulation and a visually pleasing appearance. Do it yourself building kits. EZ Log Structures.


NOTE: Decorative sheds may need minor upgrades to meet structural requirements for obtaining building permits. In addition Basic Series models have single pane windows & doors & Classic Series models include mid-grade double glazed, weather-stripped windows but not intended for use as residential grade

Package: Length 230″ Width 44″ Height 24″ (2626 lbs)

Tip: assemble on a LEVEL concrete slab, paving stones, or treated 4×4’s to raise the building off the ground


Video:  see our video section to view assembly video

See the technical drawings above for a complete parts list in imperial or metric measurements