525 sq ft
Premium Model
$39,203.00 USD
$50,261.00 CAD
Cabin size275" x 275"
Roof pitch3/12 - 14D
Roof boards3/4"
Size (sq ft)525
Wall height89"
Ridge height123"
Wall thickness2-3/4”

Model Documentation

FREE SHIPPING – some exceptions apply

The Orlando is a premium manufactured model using 70mm (2-3/4) thick wall logs. This 2 bedroom model is 525 sq’ with a vaulted ceiling. An ideal cabin, small home, rental unit, additional dwelling unit or granny flat. Package is delivered to site and ready to assemble on a concrete slab or wood sub floor.  (sq footage is based the total footprint, living space could be less, see floor plans)

FREE STAMPED STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING – PREMIUM models include site specific stamped engineering drawings for structural integrity.  Drawings are reviewed, approved and stamped by a licensed engineering firm to ensure the building meets local requirements for roof and wind loads. Additional engineering services are available on request


WALL INSULATING KIT: Add 10% for the wall insulating kit including 2×4 studs, metal stud brackets plus 3/4″ wall cover boards for interior or exterior application. When insulating on the exterior the foundation must be larger

INTERIOR              EXTERIOR        Insulating exterior - by combining these elements - mineral wall insulation, tongue and groove boards, metal brackets, and wooden components - the structure achieves both efficient insulation and a visually pleasing appearance. Do it yourself building kits. EZ Log Structures.


Energy efficiency:  Our solid wood walls add an additional R 4.4 and have virtually no heat or cold transfer, increasing the overall thermal and comfort benefits

Tip: Mineral wool  insulation is recommended for log construction. It’s impervious to moisture with a higher R-value per inch than fiberglass, reduces noise levels & is environmentally friendly

Insulating the roof: Apply locally supplied materials to add rafters over the tongue & groove roof boards. The build up depth is determined by the required R-value in the ceiling to meet local building codes. High density spray foam provides maximum benefits, highest R-value for thickness & is water proof. These added rafters also increase the roof load capacity


OPTION A: Upgrade wood windows to triple glazed / Low E / Argon filled glass

  • USD regular price $ 656.00
  • CAD regular price $ 840.00


OPTION B: Upgrade wood windows to our exclusive maintenance free white PVC/Shutter windows with triple glazed / Low E / Argon filled glass plus exterior rolling shutters that are controlled from the interior. These unique windows provide added comfort and security. They improve the overall energy efficiency keeping the heat out during the summer and the cold out in the winter. They also reduce outside noise levels and provide complete darkness for daytime sleepers. (See our Videos page)

  • USD regular price $ 1,365.00
  • CAD regular price $ 1,750.00

Assembly: The model can be assembled in approximately 6 days or less with 3 people

Tip: House wraps & vapor barriers are required in most regions when insulating

Building Codes: Premium series homes & cabins are manufactured to meet all structural requirements for building codes including, California Title 24, earthquake, heavy snow load regions and hurricane zones

Kit includes:

  • no floor, ready to assemble on a concrete slab or wood foundation
  • pre-cut, numbered exterior walls
  • pre-cut, numbered interior walls
  • pre-cut, numbered gable components
  • 3/12 roof pitch (14 degrees)
  • vaulted, cathedral ceilings
  • pre-cut, 100mm x 200mm (4″x8″) glulam roof purlins spaced 558mm (22″) or less
  • pre-cut, numbered (18mm) 3/4″ tongue & groove roof boards
  • pre-cut, numbered fascia boards
  • 4 interior doors 813mm x 2040mm (32″x80″)
  • 1 double wide wood windows 1530mm x 990mm (60″x 39″)
  • single wide wood window 765mm x 990mm (30″x 39″)
  • 1 exterior door 990mm x 2040mm (36″x80″) 1/2 glass tempered, multi locking hardware
  • hardware for doors & windows
  • threaded steel storm rods for perimeter wall junctions
  • 2 spare wall logs/spare roof boards
  • 350 – 8″ log torque head log screws to connect first 2 rows,  top row, gable components, purlins
  • packaged/wrapped and marked for sequence of assembly