234 sq ft
Classic Model
$9,470.00 USD
$12,142.00 CAD
Cabin size225" x 150"
Roof pitch1/12 - 5D
Roof boards3/4"
Size (sq ft)234
Size (sq ft)109
Wall height89
Ridge height94
Wall thickness1-5/8”

Model Documentation

Basic & Classic Series are available though dealers/retailers only

Sabrina is a decorative shed or seasonal cabin for the backyard or cottage.


(Basic & Classic series are decorative sheds produced for seasonal use but can be upgraded to provide extended use)

FLOORS: rigid insulation can be installed between the treated floor beams before installing the tongue & groove flooring

CEILINGS: rigid insulation can be installed over the tongue & groove roof boards, then strapping is applied before installing metal roofing

WALLS: Insulating decorative sheds can only be done from the exterior due to the thickness of the wall

Wall Insulating kits: Add 20% for the wall insulating kit including 2×4 studs, metal stud brackets plus 3/4″ wall cover boards for exterior application. When insulating on the exterior the foundation must be larger

Insulating exterior - by combining these elements - mineral wall insulation, tongue and groove boards, metal brackets, and wooden components - the structure achieves both efficient insulation and a visually pleasing appearance. Do it yourself building kits. EZ Log Structures.


NOTE: Decorative sheds may need minor upgrades to meet structural requirements for obtaining building permits. In addition Basic Series models have single pane windows & doors & Classic Series models include mid-grade double glazed, weather-stripped windows but not intended for use as residential grade

Assembly: The model can be assembled in approximately 2 days or less by 2 people

Tip: place board insulation between the treaded floor beams before installing the floor boards to keep the floor warm & use board insulation on the roof before applying the final roofing material. This will improve the comfort and extend the seasonal use

Building Codes:  Basic & Classic Series models are decorative sheds, bunkies, or seasonal cabins used for a variety of applications. Building permits may be required for models exceeding 100 sq’. If buildings need to meet building codes some modifications may be required. Check with the local authorities for requirements